What is Your Gut Feeling? (Part One)

Dive into what your gut may be trying to tell you and explore ways to revive your gut health.

Being in tune with your body is something that every health practitioner will tell you is important as it is vital to how we address our health and wellness. Seldom do we get a glimpse into the interworkings of our bodies and a clear and concise picture of what’s happening in our cells that compose our microbiome, bones, and vital organs. We rely on symptoms to signal when something isn’t functioning optimally, so, are you listening?

Herbs are powerful healers and people are opting for them as an alternative to pharmaceuticals because of their efficacy without the dangerous side effects. Sugar Check is an herbal supplement by Amicus that not only addresses blood sugar but digestive health, so you better improve your overall health. Navigate with us today, the various tests and gut protocols to get a glimpse into your microbiome and begin healing with specific foods.

Gut Health Tests

Our microbiome has always existed, but it has only been in the last couple of decades that its intricacies have unfolded and we have connected how the beneficial bugs benefit our health.

Need a refresher on the microbiome or gut health? Read about it here.  

As medicine and technology continue to develop, the field of microbiome medicine begins to expand and innovate. Functional medicine has paved the way in getting curious about the microbiome, which has led to gut health diagnostics. While these panels are still skirting the edges of conventional medicine and relatively uncommon, they are gaining traction. These tests are relevant now because we live in a time where our food supply is tainted with an overuse of pesticides and antibiotics depleting the soil in its wake. We are seeing more digestive health issues surface, apart from the ones commonly seen such as IBS, Crohn’s disease, acid reflux, constipation, and a myriad of food allergies and sensitivities.

It is also important to mention that symptoms don’t always have to manifest to have lurking gut concerns. Many people aren’t noticing anything in the bathroom, but poor gut health may be surfacing in other areas such as hormones, immune and brain health. One example is those with Celiac disease — 22 percent people experience no gastrointestinal issues yet have significant damage to their small intestines.  

So, imagine if gut health tests were available in all doctor’s offices? We would have better diagnostics for gut conditions and get a picture of what is really happening inside.

Gut health tests reveal a lot about your overall health so if you can find a doctor who administers them, consider getting the following:

  • Stool test (comprehensive) – While stool tests aren’t everyone’s favorite diagnostic, they give a broad glimpse into your gut greenhouse — the more diverse your bacteria is the better health you have, and the fewer bacteria, the more unsteady your health is.

Beneficial bacteria are found throughout your whole body but is concentrated in a garden of Eden of sorts in your GI tract. This abundant oasis contains what are known as “colony-forming units” (CFUs) that regulate a wide variety of systems in your body from hormones to digestion.  

Stool tests not only give a glimpse into your bacteria but also any overgrowths of yeasts and parasites. Balance is a pivotal point here — little yeast is fine, but it is when it takes over that it causes health issues.

Aside from what is growing in your gut greenhouse, the stool test examines gut inflammation levels, nutrient absorption, digestion, immune function, and short chain fatty acids which are crucial for bacterial fermentation to ward off inflammation, cancers, and provide fuel for a robust metabolism.  

A stool test will often require a two to three-day sample to get a thorough peek into your microbiome.

A healthy, thriving gut is one of the most critical parts of your health and wellness. There are many gut-health tests available, so stay tuned part two where we examine additional diagnostics and look at other measures that can affect your microbiome.

At Amicus, we understand the importance of a healthy gut, and even when your lifestyle habits are modified, you can still experience symptoms. Ease your GI tract and get better digestion with Sugar Check.

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