What is Optimal Health, Anyway? (Part Two)

Do you have optimal health and how do you know? Explore more optimal health indicators and better support your body with our all natural supplements.


In part one, we asked you to think about how you would rate your health and provided health indicators as a tool to help you measure and solidify where you stand, beyond a common response of “pretty good.” In today’s post, we’ll dive into more indicators for a complete look into what optimal health really is.


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More Optimal Health Markers


Find more optimal health markers below and begin to get a more complete picture of what you’re doing well and what opportunities you may have in your health.  


You embody longevity markers.


Did you know there is research that has found traits that support longevity? The American Psychological Association published a 75-year study of 300 couples that began in their 20s. The study revealed the most common personality traits of those who lived the longest, and they include:


  • Emotional expression – The people in the study were able to communicate and express their feelings.


  • Openness – The participants were open to new things and ideas and listened to different viewpoints of their peers.


  • Friendliness – This trait relates to how easy-going and happy participants were.


  • Conscientiousness – These people were attentive and less likely to take big risks.


  • Emotional stability – The study participants were able to handle the ebbs and flows of life without huge roller coaster reactions.


When you embody these traits, research supports that you’ll live longer and be healthier!


Your weight is stable.


As you work towards an optimal health, any major weight fluctuations — weight loss and weight gain — will stabilize. If your weight fluctuates dramatically over the months, you may have other issues going on.


You are able to come off medications.


If you’ve struggled with health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure and were put on medication to help manage them, and now you’ve been able to wean yourself off some or all of them, this is a great indicator that your health is back on track.


You sleep through the night.


When your sleep is disrupted it causes a cascade of issues that can greatly interfere with your quality of life, and when your sleep can finally regulate and you sleep through the night and you feel refreshed in the morning, this indicates your hormones, such as cortisol, and blood sugar levels are under control — you are another step closer to optimal health!


You are consistently active – Staying active and remaining active is important to reaching optimal health, so if you’ve been steady in your movement habits, you are definitely healthier for it.


You’ve waved goodbye to junk food.


If you’ve reached a point where the chocolate dipped Oreos your co-worker brought in to the office no longer look or taste appetizing congrats, you’re no longer addicted to sugar, chemicals, and processed foods! Food cravings can indicate that there is an issue going on in your body — for example, if you crave chocolate, you may have a zinc deficiency. If your junk food cravings are a thing of the past, your body is likely in balance and your hormones and blood sugar are functioning well.  


Now that we’ve listed the indicators of optimal health, how’s your health? Better than “pretty good?” Optimal health is a journey that we can always improve upon, so by taking it day-by-day and tackling the little things, over time, you will feel healthier and enjoy a better quality of life!


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