What is Optimal Health, Anyway? (Part One)

“Optimal health” is a term loosely and generously used in the health and wellness space, but what does it truly embody?


How is your health? No really, how would you rate it? Contemplating your health isn’t something we really do, instead, we wait until we’re sick or experiencing adverse symptoms to dig a little deeper into what is going on.


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Optimal Health


As we touched on above, we’re not very good at checking in with our health unless something is wrong. Which leads us to the inception of optimal health.


To journey towards optimal health, we first have to assess the state of our health and become intimately acquainted with our bodies. From here, we have a working point and we can be so deeply in tune with our bodies to better identify things such as the foods that upset our stomachs or how different types of alcohol cause headaches or acute inflammation in certain areas of our bodies.


We all feel “pretty good” about our health, right?


Most people, if you asked them, would answer that their health is “pretty good,” but what kind of indicator is this? Are you consuming massive amounts of alcohol with a pristine diet? Do you exercise like a champ but fail to refuel your body? Do you eat all the wrong things but exercise pretty consistently? There are so many combinations and pictures of what “pretty good” is, and this is where our optimal health, and just health in general, can slip through the cracks.


If you’re curious as to what optimal health really eludes to, below are some indicators to help you measure where your health is at — beyond “pretty good.”  


Your hormones are in check.


Hormones rule our lives, really! They are major players in how our bodies function — if you cherish a good night’s sleep, have a healthy sex life, or are feeling great emotionally, you can thank a hormone! When your hormones aren’t balanced, you may notice an onslaught of fatigue, brain fog, and weight gain. If you feel like you may have symptoms related to your hormones, work with your health care professional and get diagnostics to know for sure.


Inflammation is balanced.

Inflammation is a major marker for a host of relatively all illnesses — keep in mind the differences in acute and systemic (body-wide) inflammation. If you sprain your ankle or have strep throat, this is acute inflammation that is your body’s natural response to pathogens or to heal, while low-grade, systemic inflammation usually indicates something else is at the root. Find clarity and know your inflammation levels by getting labs done by your doctor.


Do the above indicators sound like you? How does your health measure up? There are more optimal health indicators to cover, so stay tuned for part two!


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