The Impacts of Unstable Blood Sugar and Sexual Health (Part Two)

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In part one, we covered the topic of sexual health and blood sugar and examined how it impacts men and women. Don’t miss it and check it out here! In today’s post, we’ll provide practical ways to address the delicate topic of sexual activity and unstable blood sugar levels.


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What can be done if unstable blood sugar levels are impacting your sex life?


Sexual dysfunction can surface a lot of emotional issues, in addition to the physical. It can cause anxiety and embarrassment around sex, so avoiding sex is what some people struggling with this resort to instead of finding ways to adjust to or cope with the health issues that are presented.


When battling blood sugar issues or type 2 diabetes, you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle by addressing and finding solutions.


The first and foremost thing you want to do is get your blood sugar levels in check, which means adjusting your diet and getting more active. Herbs are very beneficial in giving you additional support, and Sugar Check by Amicus is a natural and healthy option.


If sex is something you want to address immediately while addressing healthier eating and lifestyle habits, below are some tips you can try.


  • Get the timing right – You may feel fatigued and tired all the time, so aim for a time when you’re most energized — this may be right after you wake up or in the evening after work.


  • Use lubrication – If you experience vaginal dryness, lubrication is an easy solution.


  • Stay healthy – We mentioned this above — in order to have sex you have to be healthy enough for it! If your blood sugar levels are always in flux and you have the ability to check them before sex, do so. When you check your levels you are able to avoid blood sugar symptoms that may occur such as dizziness, shaking, vision loss.


  • Help increase your circulation – Improve your circulation through physical activity, massage, and drinking plenty of fluids. When everything is moving and flowing in your body, it helps get blood flow and lubrication to the genitals.


  • Manage the incontinence – Incontinence may occur during sex if you have type 2 diabetes or blood sugar concerns, so take measures beforehand to address it. Lay down a couple of towels and have a conversation with your partner to address the situation.


  • Have a discussion with your doctor – It is important to first be diagnosed and aware of your fluctuating blood sugar levels and then to address with a health care professional. Type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to be the result of your high blood sugar, you can treat it with diet and lifestyle measures both before and with that diagnosis.


You can have an active sex life while managing your blood sugar or type 2 diabetes. These health conditions can make sexual activity more difficult, but it doesn’t mean you have to put it on the backburner.


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