Ditch Your Soda Addiction (Part One)

Is your new year’s resolution to stop drinking soda? Peruse our healthy lifestyle tips to better equip yourself to ring in the new year ready to tackle your resolution.


Soda, next to cigarettes, is one of the hardest habits to break. By now you probably know how unhealthy soda is, but how do you break a habit that you love so much? That deliciously sweet and effervescent drink sends you into complete bliss when you take a sip. The truth is, everyone has their thing, their one vice that they can’t seem to ditch.


At Amicus, we are all about supporting your wellness journey with the best healthy lifestyle tips to help you do so. Dive deep into the fizzy world of breaking your soda addiction with us in today’s post.

Soda: The Sugary Sinner of Your Wellness


Cracking open a can or twisting a top on a can of soda may just bring you home and center you — it better prepares you for your day and helps get you through the mid-day slump. If your soda consumption goes beyond the every-now-and-then indulgence, it is a habit that is detrimental to your health.


The thing with soda is, even though it’s often lower in calories than some other treats, it is bombarded with processed sugar, and sugar just isn’t optimal for our bodies. We get sugars from other sources such as fruits and vegetables, that anything beyond that is considered an “added sugar” and added sugars are where our health is greatly impacted.


Another issue with soda is the liquid sugar it contains — it doesn’t register with our brains but is stored in the liver as fat. Over time, it can be a culprit of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and incredibly impair the liver, effectively stripping its ability to help our body’s detoxification function. This, unfortunately, is only the beginning of its detrimental health effects. People are gradually understanding its effects and statistically, soda consumption has dropped in a 10-year span going from 80 percent of children and 61 percent of adults to 60 percent of children and 50 percent of adults. This, however, is still a lot of soda consumption.


Shocking Facts On Sugar


  • Too much added fructose in your diet can have the same effects on your liver as chronic alcohol abuse does.


  • An abundance of added sugar is linked to obesity, heart disease, and liver disease.


  • 31 percent of adults and 13 percent of children suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease resulting from an excess sugar consumption.  


  • Liquid sugar ( added to food and beverages) is the largest source of added sugar in the US (36 percent).


  • Type 2 diabetes (a disease caused by unhealthy eating) affects 26 million Americans


So, where do you begin to tackle your soda addiction into the new year? It ranks pretty high on the naughty list, so let’s explore the health impacts of soda a little closer.


What is the Real Issue With Soda?


The food continuum is not always a linear and black-and-white thing, and because everyone is different, they require different foods and nutrients for their optimal wellness.


Sugar is disruptive to our bodies and since it makes up a majority of what soda is, it poses a real problem to our health. To explore more in-depth on the issue with soda, join us for part two!


Vitamins, minerals, and herbs are a trifecta of beneficial compounds that support our wellness. We’ve written extensively on wellness topics to help you manage your blood sugar, digestive health, and all about the ingredients in Sugar Check. Partner with us and get the support you need!


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